IAMercy’s Vision

IAMercy seeks to partner with others to bring the transformative power of Christ’s mercy to the international poor by caring for individual persons – emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically – in order that they may in turn lead their communities to the holistic wellbeing and love that Christ envisioned for them in His teachings.


IAMercy’s Method

In an effort to accomplish its vision, IAMercy has adopted the following methodology (focusing specifically on those in the Kawangware slum of Nairobi at this time).


Tier One:  Basic Physical and spiritual food

IAMercy seeks to empower life both physically and spiritually for the poor in Nairobi.  We start with food and gospel, and then work our way up in caring for the other needs of poor children and families.  Currently IAMercy’s Daily Bread Project provides food every Saturday (breakfast and lunch) to around 100 people in the Kawangware slum of Nairobi. Between breakfast and lunch there is a teaching from the gospel. We have seen many people profess Christ as a result of our food and gospel ministry. After people publicly profess Christ we baptize them. We have conducted over 50 baptisms in Nairobi since the ministry began in 2014. The Daily Bread Project serves as a venue for discipleship as well. Over the years we have worked our way bit by bit through the Gospel of Matthew, then Luke, and now we are in Mark.

Tier Two:  Holistic care in a family environment

IAMercy seeks to embrace love by creating a safe atmosphere for genuine community.  Whenever IAMercy deems it possible and right it takes individuals out of poverty and begins caring for their holistic needs (food, shelter, clothing, education, and medical expenses). In general, IAMercy attempts to build a family, not an orphanage.  IAMercy seeks to establish a home, not a shelter.  IAMercy tries to lead those under its ministry to the knowledge that they are loved both by God and IAMercy’s caregivers in a genuine way. Most of the people under IAMercy’s holistic care live in The IAMercy Village.


Tier Three:  Equipping local leaders to give back

IAMercy seeks to equip leaders in two ways. First, children who come under IAMercy’s holistic care are nurtured both spiritually and academically. Our hope is that when children become young adults and leave IAMercy then they will be prepared to contribute to the “shalom” (the peace of Christ) of the local community. They may do this by engaging in forms of traditional Christian ministry (e.g. by serving IAMercy or a local church). Or, they might do this by serving the community as an honest and excellent businessman or woman.

The second way IAMercy equips local leaders is by identifying men and women of Christ who have a likeminded heart for the poor. IAMercy has a number of men and women who form a Kenyan team that actively leads the ministry in Kawangware and the greater Nairobi area. These men and women are key in both strategizing for how IAMercy should achieve its vision in Kenya and in actually helping it accomplish the mission in a practical way. They can often be found teaching, mentoring, and otherwise shepherding the human flock God has entrusted to IAMercy’s care in Nairobi.

What does the LORD require of you...but to love mercy.
— Micah 6:8

What God is doing through iamercy

  • There are 18 people under IAMercy’s holistic care.

  • There are 5 girls who are not in one of IAMercy’s holistic care projects but for whom IAMercy is underwriting educational expenses.

  • Currently around 100 people come to IAMercy’s Daily Bread Project food and gospel ministry on Saturdays.

  • IAMercy has seen over 50 confessions of faith and subsequent baptisms since 2014.


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